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The Willows-DMU Centre for Primary Care Research will bring together academics and expert primary care clinicians to drive innovation that will improve patient care.

The primary care sector has seen unprecedented changes as a result of the Covid-19, as technology is increasingly used to manage appointments, diagnoses and medicine delivery. 

Research into how this trend will affect patients, particularly the elderly and those without easy access to digital devices, has never been more necessary.


Board Members

The Willows-DMU Centre for Primary Care Research’s strategic leadership is driven by the operational board.  

Willows Health is Leicestershire’s largest primary care organisation caring for over 45,000 patients. Our mission is to provide the highest quality healthcare to our patients using the most innovative and research proven methods.

De Montfort University

DMU is a leader in cutting edge research in AI, data and cyber security and data ethics, all of which will be key to the way healthcare is managed and the patient experience now and in the future.

Willows Health


We are especially interested in research in the following areas:

  1. Frailty and Co-morbidity

  2. Care Home Medicine

  3. Healthcare in BAME populations

  4. Digital healthcare

  5. Supporting the clinical workforce

External Collaborations

  1. Ageing 2.0

  2. NIHR

  3. Ulster University

  4. John Hopkins University

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